hey its true!
some of you guys on here, may need a id check.
because lot of whineing going on.
enjoy the shows.
dont go to a show to bitch about whos doing what. enjoy it, drink some beer. flirt with your lady. have fun.
im a avid david lee fan, and i enjoy sam.
they are great too see. i enjoy both.
i admit i get ticked off if i hear people saying, sammy is this and that.
well i like dave no matter what, and respect sammmy at same time.
when i go on june 21st to the show, i will be all ears. and definetly wont say, you know what sam did this or didnt do that or dave didnt do this opr that.
i like em both.
only gripe i have is dave isnt doing more solo material like slam dunk.
but ill get ovwer it.
let this tour be completed, and lots of great memories. for all of us.
no matter what you think of either guys.
one thing guaranteeed. is 15 years from know we will have some great memories.
enjoy and have fun all
piece out from this roth fan but
sammyy we love you and david lee we love you both, thanks for the tunes