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    03.29.12 @ 12:53 PM
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    I'm looking to trade, buy, give up my sister, whatever... for a copy of the Sam & Dave show from Blossom. I have some rare Van halen stuff to barter with as well. It was my first time seeing Dave. The show was excellent. I liked both Sam and Dave's shows. Brian Young Kicked ass. Anyway, if anyone has anything, let me know what's up!!!!
    "'DLR Band' means Dave, Lowery, and Ray. I named it that because it sounds more like a band then 'David Lee Roth', which just sounds like a person. When you hear 'David Lee Roth'--you think of a person. When you hear 'DLR Band'--you think of a band. Just like when you hear 'Eddie Van Halen' you think of a person, and when you hear 'Van Halen'--you think of David Lee Roth." - Diamond David Lee Roth

    "If I had anything to say, I'd be the f*cking singer." - Edward Van Halen

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    10.28.09 @ 02:43 AM
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    I want one too!!!!!!!



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