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    02.17.17 @ 05:11 AM
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    Posted on 8/2/2002

    NEW YORK (CNN) -- In what is one of the more unlikely pairings on the summer tour circuit, former Van Halen frontmen David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar have hit the road together. The two, who have traded insults for almost two decades, have declared a cease-fire long enough to complete their co-headlining summer tour.

    Roth fronted Van Halen from 1978 to 1985, during which time the group released its first six albums - all of which went platinum. In 1985, when the flamboyant vocalist had a falling out with the group, Hagar stepped up to the mike. The group went on to release four studio albums and a two-disc live compilation, all of which also went platinum.

    While you won't find them on stage together on this tour, the two rockers did appear side by side to talk to CNN, and to address the rumors of bad blood between them.

    CNN: What was it like when the two of you met?

    Sammy Hagar: For me it was a little bit uncomfortable just because I've never met Dave and I heard he was a pretty unpredictable character.

    David Lee Roth: Yeah, but look who told you.

    Hagar: That's a really good point. But I was a little uncomfortable if it was going to be friendly and stuff cause I'm an easygoing guy, and I like to have fun. Fun is my number one thing. And so it was five minutes together and I said, this guy entertains me. I said to Dave that "I feel like I should probably have to pay you every night to be involved with this." I get to hang around with this crazy dude and let him entertain me.

    Roth: There is a little bit of a rivalry. Hey, anybody who's got two legs in his pants and does the same thing for a living is going to compete. Rivalry brings out the best in anything. And you get the audience in between us, you've got the best performances of either of us that you can ever want.

    Hagar: We still have that little thing, I have it inside of me and I'm sure Dave's got it as well, but I'll speak for myself, that I still what to prove that I'm the greatest rock and roller on the planet and I think that's healthy. I'm not afraid of that and I don't think Dave's afraid of it. It'll bring out the best in each other.

    I'm certainly going to try harder playing with Dave. I haven't played with another act since I left Van Halen, and to me this is the first time I have to go out there and play for somebody else's fans, and be as good as I can possibly be and that makes me a little nervous and gives me a little thing in my stomach and I like it.

    Roth: Sam was the only headline act I could find to play with me that wasn't suing me.

    CNN: So, which one of you has the bigger ego?

    Hagar: Oh, Dave. Absolutely. Absolutely.

    Roth: I think it's confidence. I think once you've been around for a while, what's the length of a career these days, three and a half summers. Maybe three and half summers long. And between us we have close to a hundred million record sales, how many hits -- you count one right after another.

    Whether you've heard our records, own them or not, you're familiar with us. Whether at the baseball game, you can't get through a sporting event without listening to one of us singing to you about "driving 55" or "jumping" somewhere. It's about time we show up and do it live.

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    Sam pay Dave evry night for being there? That's certainly conradictory to what Sam supposedly said last week!!!!!

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    01.10.09 @ 12:07 PM
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    Great great interview!!

    Hey guys it's all showbiz, and I am sure they get along fine.

    BTW, this is my FAVORITE quote.

    Roth: Sam was the only headline act I could find to play with me that wasn't suing me.

    Great sense of humor!!


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    03.01.10 @ 09:22 AM
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    Wow, it seems like Dave actually turned off the "act" for this interview. I enjoyed this read, thanks!



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