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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Dave is cool onstage, he was a part of a great rock band called Van Halen who currently don't have a record deal. Dave in concert is like seeing a cover band of a past phenomenom. Sammy can sing better than Dave on Dave's best day. Anyone who understand MUSIC can understand this fact. Sammy has been around since 1973 non-stop because he is a professional. Dave was playing to 150-300 people 2 and 3 years ago because nobody cared anymore. Sammy has given him this gist to play in front of Sammy's fans who he has benn playing for since he left Van Halen. I have seen Sammy 5 times since 1995 and he packs 15000-20000 people in everytime, why? because he is a real musician(Dave had to have to the guitar tuned open so he could play the easy Ice Cream Man), and a real professional. Good luck to Dave once this tour is over because the spotlight will fade again on his nostalgia trip...see ya in Cabo!!!!

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    I totally disagree with everything you said...

    Welcome to VHForums, though.

    Since this is more geared toward your personal view of Dave and Sam than it is about the actual tour, I'm going to move this thread to the Opinions/Speculation forum, man.

    PS - Dave rocks!

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