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    09.21.15 @ 03:44 PM
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    Cut n' pasted for your viewing pleasure from the SHML:

    Battle of Van Halen singers: Live in A.C.

    For At The Shore, (609) 272-7017, E-Mail

    The chances of David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar touring together seemed as
    likely as the resurgence of 1980s hair metal. But when the two former Van
    Halen fr
    Despite some attempts, Sammy Hagar, above, and David Lee Roth haven't
    performed together on stage yet during the tour.
    ontmen announced plans for the Sam and Dave Tour, Van Halen fans rejoiced.

    Sure, Hagar and Roth have been to Trump Marina before in separate capacities,
    but Saturday, Aug. 10 will be the first time the two appear together. It will
    most likely also be the last.

    There is no love lost between Hagar and Roth, which you'll see in the Hagar
    interview below, but there's no doubt that money talks, and that's what
    brought the two together for a nationwide tour that showcases the history of
    Van Halen as well as the works of the two solo artists.

    Although the tour has been met with decent ticket sales and equally positive
    reviews, Hagar says a Sam and Dave II tour is very unlikely - but so was them
    getting together in the first place. By the way, we tried to talk to Roth
    too, but couldn't get him on the phone.

    Q: You're coming back to Trump Marina in Atlantic City, is this the smallest
    venue on the tour?

    A: This is definitely the smallest. Even when I go out on the road myself,
    it's the smallest. But it's also cool because it'll be real interesting how
    we match up there without the big production we have going right now on this
    tour. The Marina's too small for all of the stuff we have.

    We have seven trucks, a big giant video screen, and when we pare this concert
    down to nothing, all you'll have to compare is Sam and Dave. It's a pretty
    no-frills deal. We're going to be judged solely on our talent that night.

    Q: You like A.C. - it's like the flagship place for your Cabo Wabo tequila
    isn't it?

    A: It's a funny thing. (Trump Marina president and COO) Larry Mullin is a
    real pal and a buddy. I meet a lot of people every day, but he's one of the
    guys you meet and relate to and you become friends with. He's a big Sammy
    Hagar fan - period.

    Larry wanted my tequila to be the house tequila at his place, and in the
    liquor business, it's hard to get your foot in the door. All the big boys
    have it locked up.

    So he took a shot on us, made it the Marina's house pour, and that's one of
    the reasons this show will be put on in Atlantic City. He scratches my back,
    I scratch his. They're even doing a cool contest with the tequila where you
    can win $100,000. (See sidebar.)

    Q: Has the Sam and Dave tour lived up to its expectations for you?

    A: It's actually different from what I expected in the sense that I expected
    this rivalry from the fans. But there has been zero. Everyone that buys a
    ticket has a great time. In the end, they may say, "Sam is better" or "Dave
    is better," but the first thing they're saying is, "That was awesome." That
    surprises me.

    Q: Has it lived up to the hype?

    A: It's really beyond my expectations. The reason for that is because I
    didn't know if Dave was coming to the party for real. He's done some flaky
    stuff in the past, so I didn't know how consistent he would be on a tour. But
    he has been up for it every night. If you like what Dave does, he's doing
    things better than he ever did.

    Q: So what can people expect?

    A: Three hours of great music. I mean, you can't put two other bands together
    - except Elton (John) and Billy (Joel) - that would get together and have
    more hits. Between the solo stuff, the Van Halen stuff and even the newest
    stuff I've done, it's incredible.

    I had to cut out an hour of my show, so some of the filler is gone, and
    there's about three or four Van Halen songs that most people who've seen me
    never heard me play live before.

    The fringe benefit of this whole thing is the fringe audience. I know a lot
    of people are coming here that never saw me or Dave. When they see me, I know
    they'll be back.

    Q: How sick are you of answering questions about Dave?

    A: It doesn't bother me, but when you get me talking about the guy, I'm bound
    to say bad things. I don't like this guy. I've been on tour with him; I've
    sat in meetings with him; I've watched his show and dealt with his
    behind-the-back manipulations where he's trying to get an upper hand on me
    and an edge on me. I don't like the kind of person he is. I don't like those
    kind of people.

    Q: Are you sorry you did it?

    A: Not at all. I would do it all over again. But when this is done, I'm not
    going to be running out saying, "Hey, let's do this again!"

    I'm having way too much fun and have spent too much time trying to surround
    myself with the right people, the few good people in this business. When you
    bring another element into it and they bring all of these f--ing goofballs,
    it takes the fun out of what I'm trying to do.

    Q: I heard Dave has quite the entourage.

    A: He does. Maybe someone's trying to kick his ass. It's not me, I'm not
    interested. I would think a couple of bodyguards would be sufficient. He came
    out on tour with six. Britney Spears had two. Now he doesn't have as many. I
    think he's realizing no one cares. No one seems to be even knocking on his
    dressing room door.

    Q: Did you get on stage together at all?

    A: I put it out there four or five times, and Kid Rock and I had him
    committed in Chicago, and he said he couldn't make it out at the last minute.

    Now I wouldn't do it. I see the difference between us. It's so apparent and
    it will be even moreso at the Marina. People know what Sam is doing and what
    Dave is doing, who we are and what our approaches are to our lives and

    We don't belong on the same stage together. He would stand there like he's
    the greatest rock god of all time, posing and kicking and not singing. I
    would be up there rocking with my guitar and singing.

    Q: Who gets more girls?

    A: There ain't no comparison dude! Any girl that wants to meet this guy, has
    some problems.

    Some people like to spend more time in the gym worrying about their bodies.
    Some like to spend time in the rehearsal studio getting down their craft.

    He's so into himself, it's sickening. From his neck down, he looks good.
    That's all I want to say about that.

    Q: Michael Anthony's playing with you on tour - that must be pretty cool.

    A: It is, but he's going on vacation with his family and he's going to miss
    some shows, including the Atlantic City show.

    He was actually at my house when I got the call from Roth's camp to see if I
    would be interested in doing this tour. I got off the phone and said, "Mike,
    you're not going to believe this call I just got.".

    His jaw dropped and he said, "Are you going to do it?"

    When I told him I would think about it, he said. "You ain't going out there
    and having all of that fun without Mikey." He's been at every show he could

    Q: So what's this about the Planet Us project with Anthony, you and Journey
    guitarist Neil Schon?

    A: That's what we were working on when I got the call. I want to get back to
    that. After this tour, I have to take a few weeks off and lick my wounds.
    Then I have a big party in Cabo for my birthday in October with Ted Nugent
    and Smash Mouth and maybe some of the Nickelback guys.

    Then we'll try to get back in the studio. I'm also trying to get my new album
    released. It's called "Not For Sale." That should be out in October.

    But the Planet Us thing is awesome. The music sounds like a cross between
    early (Led) Zeppelin meets Tool meets Rush. It's really beyond
    straightforward rock.

    It doesn't sound like Journey or me or Van Halen. It's a weird combination
    that works. We have a strong chemistry together.

    Q: What about a Van Halen reunion?

    A: It's always possible. If Dave and I can do this together, we can all do a
    Van Halen thing.

    But I think you won't hear anyone else singing this stuff unless it's Dave
    and I. The other guy thing didn't work with Gary Cherone.

    And I don't know if I ever see Dave going back. I don't even see me going
    back sometimes.

    But it all comes down to the fact that (the Van Halens) have not made an
    effort. Even if they wanted to talk about it, it would take a couple of years
    to make it all happen. There hasn't even been a phone call.

    Q: What else is on your plate?

    A: On the tour, I am shooting every day for a movie we're going to make. We
    have a film crew documenting everything: the backstage antics, the fights and
    the yelling and screaming and the music. My mother is even on tour so they
    can interview her and she can tell stories about me growing up. I think it's
    going to be called "Long Road to Cabo."

    I would like to take it on tour with me. I'll show the movie, the screen gets
    moved, and Sammy rocks.

    Q: All right, after all of this is over, what do you think about a celebrity
    boxing match between you and DLR.

    A: My whole premise is to whip his ass on stage every night. That's all I
    want to do.

    We've actually been flip-flopping who opens and closes every night, and the
    Marina management wants me to headline because they've had both of us there,
    and they think I'm the headliner. I sold that place out instantly last time.

    But I don't know what will happen. I enjoy opening because when I leave the
    stage, I have the biggest grin on my face because I know the show's over. It
    doesn't get better than that.
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    04.12.16 @ 03:42 PM
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    You know, I think I now understand what Ed meant when he said both Sam & Dave have "LSD". What a couple of assholes!

    Sam doesn't know when to shut up and give it a rest, and Dave thinks it's OK to refer to Ed, who is an alcoholic, as "Van Heineken".

    Maybe they should all call it quits and just go away.
    "..Stare at disbelief at me when I just up and walk...., OUTTA LOVE!"--DLR, Outta Love Again

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Quoted from the article:
    Q: You're coming back to Trump Marina in Atlantic City, is this the smallest
    venue on the tour?

    A: This is definitely the smallest. Even when I go out on the road myself, it's the smallest.

    Sammy was pretty certain there -- this is DEFINITELY the smallest. Trump Marina is not "among" the smallest, or "one of" the smallest, or "close to" the smallest -- it's "definitely the smallest," even when he's out on his own.

    Fact: the Grand Cayman ballroom that Dave and Sam played holds over 2200.

    Fact: Sammy is playing Irving Plaza in New York City in the near future. Capacity: 1200. Go to and scroll to the bottom (I've been to Irving Plaza many times, and had figured it held around 1000 before I did a search on Google to check).

    Like his claims of record sales, more exagerration/half-truth/lies from Sammy . . . .

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    07.30.08 @ 04:58 PM
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    At least Dave looks from the head down rather from the shoe laces down.

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    05.26.18 @ 02:23 AM
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    Thanks for posting the article. I'm sure by the end of the tour, Sammy will have gotten really sick of answering questions about Dave.
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    01.10.09 @ 12:07 PM
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    Originally posted by
    At least Dave looks from the head down rather from the shoe laces down.
    LMFAO!!! [img]graemlins/devil.gif[/img]



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