I'm excited to see a post from another 'Cantina Member'. Wasn't that the coolest thing. I hope you got to play Mikes bass when we went down onto the stage. What a night. Does anyone have the set list? I was too jazzed to right it down.

Alfred you were standing directly behind me and next to my wife. I had on a 'Got Tequila?' shirt. Are you really ready to give up your allman tickets???? Because I have a photo of Sammy singing with us when he came up into our section. No, shit!!! If you are who I think you are, you and I were discussing a 'butt crack contest winner' behind us in line. Your head is a little cut off in one of the shots, but this is you. Another shot you are seen right behind Sammy when he stood up on the rail. I think I may even be able to hook you up with a video shot from the lawn. That is what the picture is from.

The guy you were talking about. Was he front row center?? If so, Jesse Harms took the program backstage at the end of the set and had the entire band autograph it. When they came back out, he handed it back to him. You could tell that he was a huge fan and I'm sure it made his night.

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