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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    from my buddy Jay. Enjoy!

    it's not often that an artist feels he has reached his full potential.
    however, today sees a realization of all my talent as a

    My hip's gonna break, and I'm getting gas
    I got a gallstone that I can't seem to pass
    My left arm's numb and it won't move
    Well, baby, father time come and touched my groove again!
    Gonna tell people that I'm 25
    Though no one thinks that I'm still alive
    Liver spots, and all that jive
    I can turn 55!

    My cholesterol: five hundred twenty-four
    Yeah, the doctor said, Fatboy, just one more
    We're gonna throw your ass in the county morgue...
    Looked me in the eye said, "You're fifty-four!"
    I said Yea! Oh Yea!
    Gonna tell people that I'm 25
    Though no one thinks that I'm still alive
    grown-up diapers, and all that jive
    I can turn 55!

    When I walk so slow, you know it's speed I fear
    And I can't get this Beltone into my ear.
    What used to take two hours now takes all day!
    It took me sixteen hours to poop yesterday!
    Gonna tell people that I'm 25
    Though no one thinks that I'm still alive
    getting alzheimer's, and all that jive
    I can turn 55!


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    It's as if HBO did a documentary of Sam's life...

    Funny as it is, I'm gonna move this to the Opinions/Speculations forum since this doesn't exactly pertain to the tour, itself.

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