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    Posted on Thu, May. 23, 2002

    Non-pals pledge a really good show
    From Beacon Journal wire services

    Sammy Hagar is full of news. He's about to embark on a tour with the other famous, ex-Van Halen singer, David Lee Roth.

    Joining Hagar on stage during the tour, which opens Wednesday at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, will be Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony.

    ``I've heard they're extremely freaked out'' about the whole Hagar/Roth/Anthony,'' thing, Hagar said of Van Halen.

    ``Mikey says he hasn't even heard from them. But someone who works for them called Mike and said if he's caught dead out there with Sam and Dave, he's had it. They don't want him out there with us. Obviously, they're very upset about it, but Mike'll work it out. He's fine.''

    Anthony's addition adds even more drama to the Hagar/Roth tour. The tour, called ``The Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N' Roll,' will mark the first time a single stage is occupied by the two former lead singers for Van Halen.

    So fans will theoretically get to hear Roth sing Hot for Teacher and see Hagar perform Why Can't This Be Love?

    For those who wonder how the two got together and decided to embark on a 50-60 city U.S. tour, Roth is happy to reveal he instigated it.

    ``I was walking around my back yard, trying to think of an unpredictable way to hit the road, to put out my video,'' he said. Co-headlining on a tour with his one-time adversary ``is one of those things that, once you hear about it, it's as obvious as the wheel.... But of course! No corners!''

    Roth and Hagar have bad-mouthed each other for years. They continue to stage a sort of pre-boxing-match quarrel in interviews.

    Hagar said Roth is an egotist, among other things.

    ``Aw,'' said Roth, ``most acrimony in rock 'n' roll is nothing but some mean words, a slap fight followed by tears, an elaborate healing and a reunion show with a memento shirt.''

    He reports that he and Hagar -- ``two superpowers, I mean, between us we have a hundred million record sales here'' -- will trade off opening and closing positions on the bill.

    Plus, ``The difference in what we do in terms of stagecraft is brilliant. Sam has 40 people onstage performing as if he's in a club, with effects and cannons. I'm taking the Brazilian jujitsu approach, which is, I don't use anything. I've got a three-piece band, flat floor, eight moves, rule world.''

    ``Roth throws a pretty good party himself,'' Hagar said. ``Mine is a down-to-earth, tequila-swiggin' rock and roll party.

    ``Dave throws a party and entertains himself. Dave's got his ego a little more attached to the party. In other words, it's all about him. But it is a party.''

    Hagar said Roth will be challenged on nights that he goes second.

    ``I don't see anyone being able to follow me. I've been doing this too long. I know what I'm doin', man. He better be damn good.

    ``But that's the good part about the thing. I think we'll both be at the top of the game. So, therefore, the fans win, and that's what it's all about.''

    Roth said they will play mostly Van Halen songs. ``We'll bang that catalogue like a new drum on Christmas,'' he said.

    And are he and Hagar -- who met face-to-face for the first time in March -- getting along well?

    ``Oh, I don't hang with him. My life, my lifestyle and my record collection are wildly different from Sam's.''

    Asked if the two singers can tolerate each other long enough to add a fall tour, Hagar said: ``Ah, I don't think so. I think we've got to stay away from each other as much as possible. I really do. I mean, being around the guy for a couple of hours, he's entertaining, but I could see it could grate on you after a while.''

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    great. now if Mikey doesn't show up, everyone's gonna come on here and cry about bein' let down just like when VH doesn't show up at hthe Grammys, the AMA's, the VMA's...
    "is this a good show tonight, or fuckin' what?" - DLR, Montreal, 11/10/07

    Toronto 10/7...Cleveland 10/10...Toronto 10/12...Montreal 11/10



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