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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    DLR made six kickass, perfect records with VH. Aside from maybe two or three songs, Hagar's VH era blew, and Classic Rock radio ignores it.

    Now, Sam had a few good tunes on his own--the first five in a row off Standing Hampton and a couple off Danger Zone--but that's where it ends. His work with Van Halen was sub-par, and when you juxtapose it with Roth's contributions it's painfully, embarrassingly evident.

    I might go to see Sammy in a club to hear "Baby's On Fire" or "Love or Money," but I'd rather take a beating than listen to "Dreams" or "When It's Love," which are two of the worst songs to come out of the late '80s. "Eagles Fly" sucks hard, too.

    I saw Roth last summer in Seattle, and he looked AND sounded better than ever. So, I can pretty much tell all you DLR fans on this forum that the Sam-lovers are LYING through their deluded teeth when they tell you Dave's voice doesn't sound good. They're just embarrassed to admit that they've been wrong since 1986.

    If Sammy needs strippers and gimmicks to do his show, it's obvious his songs are lacking. End of discussion. If you wish to disagree, take it up with me at Otherwise, get your "VOA" records out, primp your mullets and goatees, and slip right back into fantasy mode.

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    05.22.18 @ 07:34 PM
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    Wonderful, now this topic is better suited for Opinions. It's going there now.
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