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    04.22.18 @ 06:03 PM
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    Had to go out today and as I was leaving the house I thought "I have the van, I should go get a CD", but then decided against it. Well, I had a couple of stops to make before I was going to be driving for awhile, and as I was making my last stop (at a drive-through) the dj, who had previously announced that it was Chris Franz birthday and played "Take Me To The River" now announced that it was Alex' birthday as well and there'd be "four from Van Halen coming up after all these commercials that we play all too regularly". The "four" were:
    "Ice Cream Man"
    "You Really Got Me"
    "Hot For Teacher"

    Should've probably had "Light Up The Sky" and "Everybody Wants Some!!" in there - it is Al's birthday, let's showcase Al - probably also should've used more than two CDs to choose the songs from too - lazy! Anyway, just shortly after "Hot For Teacher" finished I reached my destination, so it all worked out - no CD needed!

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    04.14.18 @ 12:15 PM
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    Very Nice !! Its always good when a plan comes togethor !!



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