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    05.21.18 @ 03:55 AM
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    I saw some "creative accounting" done on album sales in other threads, so let me give you a little update from the RIAA about Sam & Dave solo album sales.
    Do not, I repeat, do not believe what they say in their own interviews. Both guys have consitently skipped math classes while in school!

    Montrose platinum
    Standing Hampton platinum
    VOA platinum
    3 lock box gold
    Sammy Hagar (1987) gold
    Unboxed gold

    Eat'em platinum
    Skyscraper platinum
    Crzay platinum
    A little gold

    These are sales in the US only.
    Little Dreamer

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    01.28.16 @ 02:05 AM
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    But...How many bottles of Tequila has he sold? [img]graemlins/drunk.gif[/img]
    "Keep honking buddy. I'm reloading..." -The Mard

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    But if you're willing to sit through this dry sort of historical drama one more time -- or even just this dry historical review -- you will not be disappointed. In fact, some of you might just learn something they didn't teach you in school!-
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    Hard-core (or hardheaded... you decide) Dave and Sam fans use albums sales only when it suits their respective singer.

    As others have correctly pointed out, N*Suck and the Backdoor Boys have already sold more albums than Van Halen has (and probably ever will). And while that's a really sad indictment in terms of taste, the world over, it doesn't speak to the quality of Van Halen... Specifically Classic =VH=.

    More to the point, or at least my point - ain't nobody telling me that 5150 was better than Fair Warning since it sold better.

    On the flip side, it's just as retarded to argue that Van Halen 1 is better than Balance because it's sold more.

    It's better because it's better.

    Ya dig? Of course you do.

    Since this doesn't pertain to the tour I'm moving this to the Opinions/Speculation forum.

    "You are the McCarthy of this board. The witch burner." - strungout, on yours truly

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