For those of you who go who the heck..sanshalen? Well,i've been posting,off and on (when i could get internet service-$$-)since it began.You see I was the original Atomic Punk,all in all i've watched this forum grow to Mammoth(pun) status since. Now i seem to be back as long as i can and loving it.Now..I went to the Cincinnati Riverbend show last night,never before this seen DLR live,great experiance,Sammy as always was great(seen him solo and VH)Both voices seem to explode from the mic with a thunderous roar.This drunk guy next to me,you could tell he wasn't a fan,just there.He kept staring at me when i would go crazy and sing every song like I was an idiot.During Poundcake(1 of my FAVS)I turned to'em and said you think i'm some kinda freak don't Ya?He nodded..I got in his face and said"DAMN RIGHT"he never looked my way rest of night.Next after the show, i tried every gimmick in the book to get backstage, i walked around asking Security where was the meet N' greet? I stood staring at the TOUR buses on top of the lawn thinking wonder if they're staying at the local hotel(which I had been to earlier to check)?An hour later they finally told me to I had to vacate the fenced area where the concert was held.I sat in the parking lot and additional 2 hours to see if I could get a glimpse of at least one of the Legends of rock.Patience was wearing thin after an hour waiting.So I got bold and started walking,all the way back to the tour buses by the rear trailer.I seen some band members from both bands,looked in both buses,noone.Finally seen Dave talking to what looked like mngr.I froze thinking man i'm gonna get caught,but hell with it. I yelled "DIAMOND DAVE,you Fuckin rock!"Being about 50 ft from him,i knew he heard me.BUT he looked as if he didn't.Couldn't find SAMMY,which sucked.I went back out to my car after one of the dudes asked me if i was leaving,i told him maybe he said "yeah it'd be a good idea"Went to my car for another hour to see these chicks come out screaming that SAMMY was an asshole and DAVE wouldn't meet with them or noone.After drilling them for info.I was going back in,till i seen the buses pulling out from back,i started my car and proceeded to follow.It was obvious they wanted noone to follow,going as slow as they could to let me pass. I passed them to see what exit they were taking,the one away from the hotel.By the time i turned around they put on the afterburners cause i lost'em.Great Concert but this huge fan was hoping for more..i felt selfish for awhile there thinking I'd never meet any one of'em.Oh Well..bask in the glory of hope..thank for listening.THIS FORUM ROCKS!