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    That's an interesting story, man.

    I think this might fit best in the Opnions/Speculation forum since the basic premise deals with the notion of Ed and Al touring again with Dave and/or Sam - which is pretty doubtful.

    It still cracks me up that every now and then Mike joins Sam, who's touring with Dave, all while Ed and Al are MIA... and have been for years.

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    01.06.16 @ 08:18 AM
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    Some will disagree, but I feel VH is/was both Dave & Sammy. I saw the tour and had a really great time. I have a great time watching the Atomic Punks too, but it's better when you are watching 25% of VH. I got to see two different ones, so it felt like 25%+25% = 50% of VH.

    All probably agree it was magical with Mikey joining in on about half of Sammy's stuff, making it VanHager? It's because there was 50% of VH going on at that moment! Now I realize that, when added to the 25% of VH from Dave's contribution, my nightly experience felt like 75% of a VH experience. What we want and are willing to pay is 100%! There are many ways to get this 100%. 5 members are worth 20% each or maybe two bands, 4 members in each getting 25% is short for all of us including you 5 guys...don't you guys want this too?

    True story:
    Even before Ed & Al's old man was late for work & backed his car into my Pinto in an alley behind our houses, I've been into VH. He apologized for being late and would he mind exchanging information tommorrow since I knew where he lived. Not knowing who he was but being young and extremely naive, I said "no problem". The next day I didnt hesitate to deliver my noob clueless hand to his front door. He answered and warmly invited me in, offered me a drink and a seat. As I sat down and took in my surroundings, I noticed the small front room lacked wallspace...for they were cluttered with unexpected decor for the setting. VH pictures, items and gold records hung on his walls...the latter's significance I failed for hours to comprehend. I did manage to inquire of his interest, assuming we shared a mutual admiration in VH. It was necessary for him to explain to me not less than three times that "this is me", referring to the decorations. Knowing better, I repeatedly tried to convince this nice gentleman he just didnt look like any of them. I finally came around when he showed me his drivers license, insurance papers, etc. and finally comprehending al & ed were his kids. Today I can only remember a foggy experience that ended with me getting a few hundred bucks out of his insurance company and kicking myself for not asking for lifetime concert tickets or something. It did lead me to keep a watch out for his kids driving their Jeeps around, and even led to Al checking my kid bro's drumming abilities in our basement later on. I dont know if Al thought he had any talent or not, because he encouraged him to keep playing and to play as much as he can.

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