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    I agree, Matt. Thanks to the tour, we've got something to chew on. Dave and Sam are out there giving the fans something we never imagined. (And who thought Mike would ever play with Sam on a tour he's doing with Dave? LOL)

    If only Ed and Al would play ball...

    Moving this to the Opinions/Speculations forum.

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    Just a year ago we were looking at rumors, and going insane cause we had no news. If we heard that eddie van halen was at a britney spears concert, it would be the topic of conversation.. Or the dome would be filled with topic like, get back dave, and shit like that.. And just all around frustration.. Now, only a year later, and we are talking about rock n roll. No matter which lead singer we prefer, we are still discussing music. I know its missing the brothers, but they are the ones that chose to not treat the fans with respect. We now have the van halen spirit in us once again. And we have to thank both dave and sam for that, cause we would still be frustrated at this point.. Or we would just give up all together. I'm just happy that this actually happened, and wasen't just something that never came true.. [img]smile.gif[/img] Just something that crossed my mind, as i got into writing more stuff lately..
    btw: I hope someone gets an audio copy of one of the shows on the net, cause i would love to remember this tour, and be able to listen back on it! [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
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