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    03.13.17 @ 06:58 PM
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    I for one will be taking a break from the Links and any Van Halen-related Web site once this tour starts until I see the June 10 show (lucky for me it's early in the tour) because I have found not knowing what the setlist is going to be for a show is part of what keeps it electric and exciting with anticipation after each song. What's next? And seeing as though I'm 99% sure Sam and Dave will be playing a nearly identical set every night (save for one or two replacements/changes mid-tour -- or Sammy usually interchanges between three Montrose songs every night) I am choosing to spend my evening at the show with an element of surprise.

    Both of these guys have enough songs to their credit to really make it interesting each night, but they won't because they traditionally have not been the Dead or Phish. I like bands like that because it makes you want to see them again for the possibility of catching another different song. I would also think it would keep the musicians interested in each show also.

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    01.28.16 @ 12:53 PM
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    Fontcow, I agree with you 100% on not knowing the setlist. It would be great if the people who see the early shows and want to post the setlists, would do so only in the songs and music section, and then if people holding tickets want to know or discuss the setlists before they attend the show in their area, they do have the option, but by the same token, we know not to go in there for fear of crushing our groove.

    I know some jack-off will come into any number of threads and ruin it for those of us who like the surprise element, so my plan is already full of holes. Good luck in staying clear of the web during this deal, as there has been quite a bit of good reading of late, as far as interviews with Sammy and Mike, and surely Dave will break the silence any day now, hopefully with something more than his standard retreaded interview from last year, where the inevitalbility of the VH reunion is brought up and left at that every time, as if it's not the most burning and important question on the block. I still say people have to take all this talk right now as hype, and nothing more. If Sammy and Dave fight over anything this summer, it will be over someone bogartin' a big doob!
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    03.03.15 @ 07:31 PM
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    We already know Dave's setlist.

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    05.21.18 @ 09:10 PM
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    Originally posted by MikeL:
    We already know Dave's setlist.
    ur such a bundle of joy mikey!

    "you can't change JMJ, it's legendary"- Brett Norton 9/24/07

    "It's the "JMJ" everyone had grown to love, man! Time to blow the roof off this place!"
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    "I'm doin' the victory dance. Told ya I'd be back. Tell me ya missed me. Say it like ya mean it" - Blood and Fire. =VH= 2012. Welcome back boys :headband:

    "I don't give a flying fuck about Motley Crue. I give about a half a fuck about Rush. I like Van Halen and don't give a flying fuck how many tickets they all sell. Any questions?"- jimmyw

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    09.21.15 @ 03:44 PM
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    Speaking of setlists, let's hope they switch it around quite a bit and not keep it the same for the entire tour.

    I'd hate to hear the same songs at the Universal show that I heard at the Blockbuster show.
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