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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    The Pittsburgh show drew a crowd of 10,106. The VH3 Tour drew a crowd of 7,700 to the same venue in 1998. Here is the review from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    Post Gazette Review
    By John Young

    It wasn't difficult telling David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar apart during their indivdual sets at the Post Gazette Pavilion on Sunday night. Just as during the respective days fronting Van Halen, the two came at rock hedonism from distinctly different angles.

    Hagar played the rock'n'roll everyman for the 10,106 in attendance, his song lyrics celebrating communal indulgence in mild taboos like smoking (Shaka Doobie), speeding ( Drive 55) and drinking (Mas Tequilla). He sandwiched blandly positive anthems from his Van Halen days into a mid-set medley including "Right Now", "Best Of Both Worlds" and "Why Can't This Be Love."

    Roth copped more of the crazy rock star attitude, mugging and executing head-high karate kicks. Diamond Dave pandered more to Van Halen fans, playing hits from "Runnin' with the Devil" to "Unchained" to "Panama" and throwing worthy but lesser-known fare such as "Little Dreamer" and "So This Is Love." Roth's only nod to his checkered solo career was a spirited run through "Yankee Rose."

    In the end Hagar barked his lungs out, smiled, involved the crowd and even wore a Steelers shirt thrown onstage, but largely in service of big, base, dumb material. Roth opened with the set of more engaging, raunchy songs, but the tunes were all 15 to 25 years old, delivered by a singer who got out of breath, subtly avoided high notes and could barely pull off his trademark octave-leap squeals. If the Hagar-Roth tour has turned into competition, call this round a draw.

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    12.08.16 @ 02:21 AM
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    that's all? wow...

    Sunday was my first time at that venue. nice place. not sure if it's really necessary to have a booth selling "Post Gazette Pavilion" logoed gear, but what do i know? and a gravel parking lot is so backwoods...too much dust gets kicked up and into your tailgate party goods...just kidding, 'Burghers. well, just about the parking lot...
    "is this a good show tonight, or fuckin' what?" - DLR, Montreal, 11/10/07

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