Sammy opened last nights show with "Red". I saw him back in 1985 pre VH when this song was one on his solo hits. Now after 17 years and countless solo and VH hits, I was confused along with 10,000 others why he would open with Red. Ok,we know you're the "Red Rocker" Sam, now start us out with something we know and like. The rest of his show rocked. He had 2 bleachers of about 30 fans on both sides of the stage with him. I liked the hot waitresses bringing out Cabo Wabo drinks between songs. He mingles with the fans well and overall he has a more fun show than Dave does. Sammy isn't constantly grabbing his dick like Dave does, which by the way, my wife liked of Dave. She thought Dave looked hot and incredibly sexy. Let's just say she wasn't putting her hands down my pants during Sammy. So after all these years I finally realize that guys bring their women to see Dave as an aphrodisiac. That's one reason guys love Dave! The other reason is that those classic VH songs are the best ever. Dave put on a classic rockin Van Halen show with only 1 solo hit, Yankee Rose. His band was tight and his guitarist is awesome. He has put together a pretty good cover band. If The brothers would eat some crow and get back together with Dave they could sell out football [img]graemlins/drunk.gif[/img] stadiums instead of amphi-theatres. Overall we had a blast but you have to separate the 2 instead of comparing them. They both rock in their own styles. In my eyes, based on that, it was a tie.