It appears that despite all my best intentions to explain what the review threads were for (with numerous disclaimers), some of you have totally ignored what I requested, so I will reiterate here again for the final time what purpose they serve.

The special review threads I have created for each date are for PERSONAL REVIEWS from Sam/Dave shows only. They are not for you to start Dave/Sam wars, and to bash each other. Basically, if you did not go to the show the thread is about, you shouldn't be posting in there anyway.

If I see those reviews threads turning into namecalling "Sam Sucks, Dave Sucks" posts, I am just going to start deleting the offending messages, without warning. Those threads are not to be cluttered up with pointless drivel about how much you hate Dave or Sam. It's sad enough that you guys are still going on about the oldest and most tired argument in the VH world, but it won't be going on in those threads. They are not set up for that, they are meant for REVIEWS!

So this is my final warning, either leave those threads to serve their purpose or have your offensive posts subject to deletion. It's up to you. People should not have to wade through pages of argumentative diatribes to get to the meat of the thread, which is a review and/or set list.

Thanks for reading.