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Thread: This is a hoax

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    It makes for interesting email....I received two of these so far:

    1. The most significant is that of the two towers of the World Trade Center, only one of them had an outside observation deck, tower #2, also called the south tower.
    2. The south tower was struck by a United Airlines plane, not an American airlines plane. The aircraft in this picture is an American jet.
    3. If such a thing as a camera with film had survived the collapse of the building and there was a picture of an airliner moments before impact, do you think the only way you would hear about it was through a forwarded email? Such a picture would be astonishing and showcased by media world-wide.
    4. We've had several emails from readers commenting that the date on the picture appears to be wrong. The date doesn't show up well in our reduced version of the picture, but the original does have "09-11-01" on it. Here it is enlarged. Some of the pixelization in and around the date is thought by many to be evidence that it was pasted into the picture.
    5. Numerous readers have pointed out that it was a nice September day on the eleventh and the person in this picture appears to be braced for the cold.
    6. reader James O. looked up the weather for that day from Accuweather. The temperature was headed for a high of 81 degrees.
    7. Several readers pointed out that the angle of the shadows on the tower don't seem to be evident on the airplane.
    8. James O. also pointed out that neither of the jetliners was in level flight when hitting the towers. They both struck while in a banking turn.
    9. Reader Walter H. notes that the airplane seems to be too high compared with where the American jet hit the building.

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    Thats a good point in the other thread (axeslinger,about the cheap cam). It takes a minimum of 1/60th a second to stop motion. With a plane going 500 mph or so, I'd imagine more like 125th even at that angle (easier to stop motion when coming at or away rather than left to right vice versa). Pixeled date, wrong plane. pfft. nice try. [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]
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    09.15.15 @ 07:40 AM
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    it's defninitely a hoax, but if none of us knew any better, it looks like it was a well done paintjob. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]



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