Smilies--do they automatically insert at the end of the page?

UBB Code--same thing. Also when it asks what text to "Italicize/bold/underline/etc" it seems that highlighting it by holding down the left-click, and going over the area for highlighting won't work--it has to be typed in again, and it automatically goes to the end.

Just FYI/when you get the chance/backburner-type of info here (I realize it's the 1st day with bugs to be worked out)--I hang out a lot @ , and in their posting, gives the option to have a, full range of options, including 100+ smilies. But I can highlight the text I want, and click B, I, or U, along with font, size, and other goodies.

Like I said, when you get the chance...just something to consider.