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    Hot For Teacher
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    knowin' how to play these instruments and then walk into an Instrument-Shop and test the instruments, and everybody lookin' like crazy at me

    Piano-Part in Right Now
    Synth-Part in Jump
    Guitar-Riffs Ain't talkin' bout love
    Human Beings (the solo)
    Eruption, You really got me(there are too many, I wish I could play)
    Lycris in Ain't talkin bout love
    (you know I lost a lot of friends there...)
    Drums in Hot For Teacher, Panama,
    Jamies Cryin
    Bass in Right Now, Hot for Teacher

    i guess, it ain't that easy to be a rock'n'roll musician after all



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    No Bozo's
    This goes for all players alike, ...

    Top 5?, ... (guitar)

    Show Your Love
    Romeo Delight
    Dream Is Over
    Get Up

    Top 5?, ... (drums)

    Get Up
    Outta Love Again
    Romeo Delight
    Hot For Teacher
    Girl Gone Bad

    Top 5?, ... (keyboards/piano)

    Not Enough
    Mine All Mine
    When It's Love
    Message In A Bottle

    Top 5?, ... (Vocals)

    On Fire
    Romeo Delight
    So This Is Love
    Run Around

    Of course I only play guitar but?, ... If I had ever played any of those other instruments those would be it.


    *Chronic Bud Smoker Of VHForums*



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