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Thread: Hot For Teacher

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    01.28.18 @ 12:02 PM
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    Ok, how many of you drummers have made it through this song without a cut? I've been trying to learn it on and off for the last 4 months and I finally found something that helped me.

    Usually I would start the double-bass shuffle that Al plays with my right foot. This meant that on the backbeats, my right foot, left hand landed together. Well, I discovered that if I start the shuffle with my left foot, my left limbs will fall together, thus making it easier for me.

    This might not work for you but it did wonders for my attempt at this song. I had a tendency to slowly turn the shuffle into straight 16th notes. This technique also helped me with this problem.

    So Speak up guys, lets start talking about the ins and outs of Alex's drum parts and patterns!

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    Ummm nice work ...yeah some songs are very hard but "the practice makes the teacher"

    I think other hard one on drums is Right Now

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    06.18.08 @ 07:52 PM
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    I findthe hardest are Hot For Teacher, the end and breakdown in Jump, Amsterdam, Right Now, Pleasure Dome, Me Wise Magic

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    AVHMACHIII what about fuckin' "Sinner's Swing"??!?!!?!

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