Well, Im Young, Bad, have awesome rich velvety dark tuba tone, and the only decent tuba player currently in my band( These arent my own words their the ones of the other tuba players at my school.

Last year at Junior High-Region Try Outs I was Simply the Best( By exactly 45 points)
No Questions asked. Since then I have over come the obstacle of braces and improved my playing and Musicality by 200 percent.

However Since then I have seen 2 Tuba Players that are better than I(Or at least they were when I last heard them.) So I have to Be at least the 4rth best Tuba there of I dont Qualify for All-State Try Outs. Oh Yeah , Ive only been playing 2 years barely

Thats my story. If any one else is involved with such musical endevors associated with a school music program of such tell me your story I would luv to hear it