Archie Comics Entertainment has set April 2003 for the launch of a North American talent search looking for actors, musicians and singers to portray their flagship characters Betty and Veronica, and their friends Archie, Jughead and Reggie, in the 2003 version of the The Archies musical group.

The talent search will even seek performers to fill the parts of Mr. Weatherbee and Miss Grundy, and musical groups to portray the "Riverdale Rivals" and the "Rockers."

The search begins online today, with interested parties invited to visit the Archie Comics web site, where a complete description of the talent search process, official application, consent forms and submission guidelines for each category are posted. Applications will also be published this spring in Archie Comics, reaching over 4,000,000 readers each month.

All winners will have a chance to be "Riverdale Residents" in a wide range of upcoming television and entertainment projects.

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