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    12.13.17 @ 09:28 AM
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    Took the 8 year old over to Orlando Speedworld last night - they had a figure-8 school bus race which was cool but didn't result in enough carnage (most of the busses broke down before they had too much of a chance to run into anything!) But the best was after the school busses - a camper trailer race! If you ever see a local track advertising this, get on out and see it, cause it is wild. Must've had at least 15 cars, trucks, station wagons with various trailers - pop-ups, big long aluminum jobbies, standard size campers. And those things get fishtailing and when the crashing begins...thing of beauty. That track was littered by the time it was done - good thing only thing left was the demolition derby!

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    09.15.15 @ 08:40 AM
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    that's sweet!!! i'll have to check it out! i laugh when i hear about the semi trailer races they have in europe. those are funny to see.



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