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    02.29.08 @ 02:42 PM
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    I was watching the God Father II tonight and I caught a commercial for Aids awareness. It was sponsored by the UN and some other charity...forgive me, it only ran once in the 2 hours I was watching. Anyway, the ad shows toddlers alone in the streets and unattended. The message of the ad is that Aids orphans 14 million children worldwide per year and we should care about that. Now, when we hear about the devestation this disease causes world-wide...I think we can all agree that we think of Africa. I know of no place in the world that is more severely ravaged by this disease. The thing is...every child shown in this ad (and there were a lot of them) was white. I only saw the ad once and there is a slim chance that I am mistaken but I don't recall seeing one child of color. Could one assume that the sponsors of this ad feel that white faces need to be attached to this campaign because nobody cares about the black people in Africa that are suffering?

    Some of you may call me a racist for noticing this. Might I remind you that this campaign didn't just happen. It was the result of a deliberate plan. These productions are a result of an idea, setting, CASTING, camera angles, editing, writing, etc.

    Anyway, I found it a bit disturbing and was just wondering if any of you had seen it.
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    Didn't see it, but you may have a point there...
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