KISS on the hand means : FRIENDSHIP.

KISS on the nose means : YOU'RE CUTE.

KISS on the cheek means : I NEED YOU.

KISS on the neck means : I WANT YOU.

KISS on the lips means : I LOVE YOU.

KISSing with eyes closed means : I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU.

KISSing with eyes opened means : I'M WATCHING WHERE YOUR HANDS ARE GOING.

The military KISS means ..... "Keep It Simple Stupid"..

Stolen KISSes ARE THE SWEETEST! (Always want to return it)

Morale of the story is ... Its not WHO you are KISSING but WHERE you're KISSING that matters

Other signs

Often thinking of you means : I CARE FOR YOU

Holding hands means : I LIKE YOU

Looking into the eyes means : DO YOU LOVE ME?

Squeezing fingertips means : I WANT A KISS

Leaning on the shoulder means : COMFORT ME

Getting occasional short hugs means : I MISS YOU

Biting lips means : I AM JEALOUS

Winking at you means : I WANT TO GO WITH YOU

Playing with your hair means: I ADORE YOU

Stepping on toes means: I HATE YOU

Getting hit in "very painful places" means : I REALLY HATE YOU

Dreaming of you at night : YOU'RE SOMEONE SPECIAL

Always being with you means : I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU

Wearing his or her ring means: YOU'RE MINE FOREVER

Often giving you something means : CARE FOR YOU VERY MUCH

Placing hands on shoulder means : GET THE HINT STUPID!!!

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