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    04.20.18 @ 02:35 AM
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    I'm guessing (or hoping) six weeks. This would allow enough time for the hyping and promotion for the new album without going into overkill.

    Ed may have told Dweezil to mention that VH have only recorded 5 or 6 tracks so far to throw people off the idea of a March album release date (providing an announcement is very soon).

    If the band got back together at the beginning of last year, do you think they would have only recorded 5 or 6 tracks by now (even with taking the summer off)?

    Or maybe I am just getting desperate in thinking this. I NEED some new Van Halen!!!

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    08.10.15 @ 06:37 AM
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    Announcement = 5 minutes from now.

    Album Release = Tuesday morning



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