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    What a mess! Why anyone thinks that conflict will be resolved anytime soon is beyond me. And, as I've always asked, why are we at the forefront of this situation? We are a country with leaders whose bias for Israel is w/o denial. Certainly, we are not doing much to speed up the process. Especially not with men such as Clinton, Gore, and Liebermann supporting Jerusalem as strictly the Israeli capital. It has been previously expressed by MikeL that the reason our mediation has been so biased it that we have business as well as other deeper ties to Israel. If this is true, we definately do not belong as the chief mediator. Let's put it this way, if you (Palestine) were in a fight with someone (Isreal) and the conflict was being mediated by that other person's best friend (the U.S.) would you feel as though you were getting a fair deal?

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    They're all just upset that there's not a new VH album yet.

    Seriously, I dunno what the deal is over there at the moment. I haven't kept up with the latest. It's so sad the way all the hate and anger builds on itself. Their leaders really need to find some common bond or tie that can form a foundation to build on.

    I do think that each side could learn a little from the US. We've had our share of racial and religous difficulties, and maybe can find someway to set an example.

    We're there because each side trusts us, to a degree. We provide most of the funding for any of the peace incentives, so it's in our interests to be involved. There's a certain responsibility of leadership that always falls on powerful nations.

    Let's not forget that a good part of the reason why this country exists today is the help we received from the French during our revolution.

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