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    09.21.15 @ 03:44 PM
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    Since Xmas is almost here, I thought I'd see what was the worst Xmas gift you ever received? I'll start it off here:

    Back in '88 or '89, my wife Loni and I had already been dating for about 2 or 3 years, so it was already known within her family my likes and dislikes. Her father is working on his second divorce and shacking up with his then-girlfriend, Betty, who eventually became his third wife. Keep in mind, Loni is his only daughter. The rest of his kids are all boys. I mean, if it was my daughter, my only daughter, I'd make sure her gift was a bit more special, y'know?

    Well, Betty calls Loni, asks what we would like for Xmas. Loni throws some ideas out to her, all very inexpensive. Xmas Eve rolls around and we stop by their house to say "Hi" and give them their stuff. So, here comes to big moment. Like anyone else, we're excited about seeing what they got us. We get handed an envelope with our names on it. We open it up, and guess what's in there?

    $20 in McDonald's gift certificates.

    No, not $20 each, but $20 for the both of share! Then we empty out our stockings, and it's a myriad of "crapola"; mini-bottle of "Armor All", plastic color-coded paperclips, candy canes, colored pencils, liquid paper, and other crap you'd find at a .99 store near the register. Yeah, we were a bit pissed. We didn't show it, but we were pissed. She has never let him forget about that, either.

    The second worst gift I got was around '92. My mom gave me thick, purple ski gloves. I mean, these things were T-H-I-C-K ! I was barely able to move my fingers. When I asked my mom, respectfully, why she got me these, it was the usual mom thing, "Oh, in case you got cold." I told her, "Mom, I live in San Diego. Just how cold do you think it gets there? And, when was the last time I ever went skiing?"

    Anyone else???
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    Fair Warning or VH3... it varies.
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    too many to count... I\'m diggin\' Can\'t Get This Stuff No More right now.
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Most of my horrible gifts come from my grandmother. She's a hardcore Reader's Digest subscriber, and often sends all the free shit she gets from it to us as christmas gifts. Some of them have included:

    cheap-plastic, shit-brown "desktop organizers"

    pencils with our names on them

    my dead grandfathers' zip-around wallet

    some of my dead grandfathers' clothes, including a bloodstain on the pant-leg and mouse-shit in the box

    And alas, I too, have been a victim of McDick's gift certificates as x-mas presents. Horrible stuff, isn't it?
    "The common thing on governments as an institution is: they're all bad worldwide. It might be the only thing that binds all nations together: the incompetence of their governments. Look at the people who have been president in the US so far... could I DO ANY WORSE?"<br /> <br />~ Frank Zappa

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    Fair Warning
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    Me Wise Magic
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    05.22.18 @ 02:20 AM
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    This wasn't a Xmas gift - it was a birthday pressie - my brother gave me a packet of chewing gum!

    I 'gave' it back to him.
    A little zen....... Headed your way.......

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    12.08.16 @ 02:21 AM
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    i gave my mom a vacuum cleaner for Xmas about ten years ago, and i still hear about it...

    i can't think of anything really crappy that i've gotten. my dad gave me a kind of ugly "old man's" jacket last year, left it in the outlet store bag and everything. there have been a couple times my brother and i have traded new shirts we've gotten, but not too often...and at work one time, i got a combination lint remover/shoehorn in the secret Santa thing. i don't even know if i kept it...
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    04.24.05 @ 01:20 PM
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    Worst xmas gift which wasnt a gift I wanted, I found out my mother had cancer it was the day after really and it was one xmas I will never forget she past 9 month later 2 day before my birthday [img]graemlins/cry.gif[/img] pretty sad sorry to bring some down but just be greatful for what you have or got [img]smile.gif[/img] ..... Merry Xmas everyone
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