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Paramount & Cruise Fight War of the Worlds
Friday, May 10, 2002 1:19 CDT

Paramount Pictures will partner with Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner's Cruise/Wagner Prods. on a new feature version of H.G. Wells' classic Martian invasion tale "The War of the Worlds." According to Variety, Cruise and Wagner will produce, and the studio is hoping the Cruise will topline the film, scheduled for production in 2003.

Wells' sci-fi novel was first published in 1898. Depicting a global, seemingly unstoppable Martian attack on Earth, book was adapted and performed to sound like a live news broadcast by Orson Welles, whose Mercury Theater aired the now-legendary radio play the day before Halloween in 1938. Broadcast to millions of Americans, the show was so convincing, it caused a nationwide panic, quelled only after the news media reported the truth.