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    If any of you are familiar witht the concept of the 'adventure game' on your computer, you may have heard of/played one or more games form the Monkey Island series.

    In the third installment, The Curse of Monkey Island, which was written in '96 and released in '97 I believe, there is a pirate named Edward Van Helgen....and he's looking for a fourth for his barbershop quartet!!! The main character even says upon their introduction "not THE Edward Van Helgen?!"

    At a later point, you challenge him to duel. First pistols, then banjos. It becomes apparent that you can't beat him at banjos--he goes into a psychotic hard rock meets Deliverance solo with STRONG Eddie allusions.

    So, back during the BOV1 schism, even PC games were having a little fun with the band. Certainly on of the most remote, yet very cool, VH 'appearances' in the outside world. So, those inclined, i urge you to check it out. It's a great game overall, and the VHism only adds to the fun.

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    Cool! I'll have to check that out



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