Those are some great young teams. LA has the three greats from Illinois, led by Darius Miles.

As for the Bulls, they're finally picking it up. They've got one of the best power forwards in the league who is the leading rebounder in the league w. 15 tot. and 21ppg. Plus, they've got another rising powerforward/center Marcus Fizer who, in his last four games, has averaged 18 pts. and 9 rebounds. If this keeps up, Fizer could be up for rookie of the year. Add on a pt. guard (Khalid "Mighty Mouse" El-Amein-picked in the 2nd round in '00) who has been a solid contributor averaging 7 ppg and was second in scoring at the rookie game two weeks ago w. 18 pts. Plus, they have 28yr old Fred "the Mayor" Hoiberg who is one of the league's best three pt. shooters, a decent shooting guard in 24 yr old Ron Mercer, a potential star pt. guard in rookie Jamal Crawford and a good center in 24 yr. old Brad Miller. Add a potential solid draft in '01 and the Bulls could continue to improve. With an average age of 22 and a bunch of young talent, this team continues to get better.

As tonight's game proved, this will be a big rivalry in the future.