A couple of weeks ago I posted something to the affect that Ricky Williams was becoming a star.
Well, 144 and 156 yards later, I would like to reemphasize the point. Mr. Williams is really starting to rip shit up. And thank goodness the 'Who Dats' ended a 10-game losing streal against those wretched Falcons.
It's just so refreshing to see something work out for the Saints. This after all is a franchise that has made more than it's share of wrong turns. Ditka was a suck-ass coach, but at least he contributed Ricky Williams. If Ricky can continue stay healthy, he may be a Pro-Bowl back this year.
The one thing I'm waiting for is that break-awy run. His longest jaunt from scrimmage is only 26 yards. But I as long as he's getting those yards, touchdowns and wins, I'm a happy Mo-Fo.