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    02.15.19 @ 04:45 AM
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    In most polls regarding fans favorite VH album "Fair Warning" always appears to be #1.

    My question is what is so unique about this record that makes it stand out?

    I'll give my opinion, but am curious what you all think.

    The famous statement about this record being the "best 28 minutes of Rock music" may be a joke, but really does hold true. It is a very brief album, but extremely cohesive (i.e.) the tracks flow from one to another seemlessly. The modest production and minimal overdubs makes the record almost seem like a live recording.

    I feel like lyricaly this is Eddie's best playing as each song and solo can take you on a different journey. "Hear About It Later" more than confirms this for me. The intricate phrasings between verse, bridge and chorus are stunning. Eddie truly had an inimitateable voice here.

    Say what you want about Dave and childish lyrics, but no one else on the planet would have been able to write such complimentary melodies, harmonies and lyrics around Ed's complicated rythem vocabulary. Dave's creativity and uniqueness made the difference here.

    This album had some real stretches as well. What the hell is "Push Comes To Shove"? This song is not definable. Rock, calypso, ragae(sp?). Ed's rythem is unique and complex and then out of nowhere, burns a beautiful screaming and fluid solo, while Dave chants, "push, Shove" over it. Somehow this crazy sh*t works. Only those 4 guys could make that happen.

    Alex and Mike leave so much space (not easy to do) on the record that this one breathes like no other.

    I have heard others mention that this is a dark album, and that the dysfunction of the band really shines through, and I do believe some of that to be true. I also think that this may be their most confident and comfortable performance. At this point they really knew (for better or worse) each other well, and allowed each other to do what they do best. This familiarity that took place during Sammy's last few years seemed to lead more towards predicatability, but no one could have ever predicted the musical direction and styles of this (their 5th) record. 1984 follows up with a more successful, polished and popular (with regards to chrt position) outing, but still when polled it is Fair Warning that the fans select as their favorite.

    Why do you all like it?

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    01.28.18 @ 12:02 PM
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    Great topic for the Albums/Songs forums. [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    Gonna move it there now.
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