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    05.24.18 @ 04:00 PM
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    The thought of the upcoming college and pro football season reminds me of a joke I read in the local paper a few years ago. It's crazy enough to be true.

    Two guys on the Stanford Cardinal Marching Band were a couple of real practical jokers. On a flight back to Palo Alto from a Pac 10 game they cooked up a real good one. Before boarding the the plane, they mixed up some peanut butter and grape jelly and put it into a plastic sandwich bag. On the plane, one of them pretended to be having severe stomach pains. He complained requently to the stewardess who attended to him and brought him antacids, water etc. Just before landing, he acted as though he was throwing up into the airline-provided air sickness bag into which his buddy had just emptied the peanut butter mixture.

    The stewardess came to their seats and asked if the "sick" guy was OK. He replied that he did indeed feel better. She then asked if she could dispose of the bag. The "sick" guy replied that that would not be necessary as his buddy would take care of it. He gave the bag to his bandmate who promptly began eating the mixture in front of the stewardess with a spoon he had brought along. The story said that that the stewardess fainted dead away in the aisle.

    Are you ready for some Football?!
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    11.23.15 @ 04:52 PM
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    Fly those friendly skies.

    I'm ready for some football!!!!!
    Give 'em hell Jets!!!!!
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