NEW YORK (Reuters) - Fans of HBO's popular drama "The Sopranos may have to "fuhgeddabout" another season after James Gandolfini (news), the actor who plays the family patriarch, filed a lawsuit seeking a release from his contract.
But viewers shouldn't count out "The Sopranos" just yet. A source close to Gandolfini said the actor believes he is underpaid relative to other small-screen stars, and that he would like to return for a fifth season if a deal can be reached.

"This suit is really about Jim (Gandolfini) being paid fair market value, like other stars of network television shows, and he expects it to be settled in a friendly way," the source said.

Gandolfini, a two-time Emmy award winner for his portrayal of conflicted mob boss Tony Soprano, alleged in a suit filed in California that HBO violated a clause in his contract when it failed to notify him of a $20 million deal it struck with David Chase, the show's creator.

"This is nothing more than a further renegotiation tactic by an actor in a binding contract," said HBO spokesman Quentin Schaffer.