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    Eyelids....a soft kiss, light lick or gentle kiss on your man's sensitive eyelids is a very intimate and unusual gesture. many men there is a direct link between the ear and the penis. Suck, lick, nibble and blow on the lobe and tender inner portion of the ear.

    Neck...the crease under a man's chin and the skin over his esophagus and Adam's apple are especially sensitive areas and respond to sucking and licking.

    Hair......the right kind of hair pulling can be very erotic. Grab him by the hair at the back of his head, draw his head back, and lick or love-bite his outstretched neck.

    Armpits.....any part of the body that is protected by hair or other body parts and is not usually exposed is exquisitely sensitive. Stroking, licking, nuzzling, and nibbling produce sensations that will usually have him writhing about begging you to let him inside you. yours, a man's nipples are erotically sensitive, the difference is that his sensation is more localized and can become painful if too much stimulation is used. So do unto his nipples as you would your own, but not so long.

    Spine....the backbone is an erogenous zone, men have many nerves along the spine especially at the tailbone , that seem to be directly connected to the genitals. Send erotic messages to his penis by traveling down his spine with your mouth and tongue. Bite gently, lick insistently, suck hungrily. Pay special attention to the very end of his spine, the tailbone, and stick your tongue in the crease of his buttocks while you're there.

    Inner thighs.....that soft, protected area on the inside of his thighs, from above the knee to the crotch, is a hotbed of sexy sensations. And of course the higher up you go, the hotter he gets. Caress lightly, press firmly, tickly gently. Lap your tongue over the sensitive skin. Suck and nibble on the underlying tendon, especially right where it connects at the crotch. The spot where inner thigh meets pelvis is the most responsive to erotic stimulation. so spend some quality time there, and farther up the pelvic bone as well, before arriving at his now quivering penis.

    Hands....the hands and fingers are made to be especially sensitive and discriminating of different textures and sensations. Use your fingernails ot inscribe small circles on the palms of your man's hands. Hold his hand in yours and lick the palm while staring into his eyes. Suck each finger as though it were a small penis. Thrust your tongue in and out between his fingers and their base.
    When his hand is nicely sensitized, you may want to guide it to your breast and move it in slow circles around your nipples, or pull it lower to trace his palm lightly across your pubic hair. He will probably take over from there. know how sensitive your feet are. Use your mouth, tongue and fingernails as you did on his hands, paying special attention to the toes. Slide your tongue between them and suck, nibble and pull on them as you would his penis. Some men will even ejaculate from a good toe sucking. Don't forget the soles as they are extremely sensitive too.

    Buttocks....the adorable rear that looks so good in tight jeans fairly begs to be cupped in your sensuous hands. Don't miss the opportunity to give both of you a super sexy treat. Start with a bun massage, then pull the skin tight and scrape your nails over his taut cheeks. Tickle the baby fine hairs at his tailbone and massage the base of his spine. Pinch and bite his buns. Kiss, suck and lick them. If you really want to drive him wild, reach around to stroke his penis at the same time.

    Anus...the anus is one of the most sensitive spots on his body. A gentle fingertip massage to the surface of the anus is lovely, especially if you continue down a little further to his scrotum too. Pinch, blow on it, or lick it. The moisture you produce there will make it easier to insert the tip of your pinkie into his anus and massage inside with circular motions and an easy in and out thrusting. And even sexier way to accomplish this is to dip your finger into your own wet juices before inserting it. (but don't put it back in your vagina after it has been in his anus) To be really safe, you should try anal pleasures with someone who's sexual and general health you are sure of.

    Scrotum and Testicles......the scrotum, which is the pouch of skin holding the testicles, is extremely sensitive, so use the lightest of touches here. Stroke softly, lick, or blow light breaths over the skin. Some men like it when you take one or both of their testicles in your mouth and suck gently. Or lightly massage them with one hand while stroking his penis with the other.

    Many men love to have you pull on their testicles while you're massaging their penis. Either encircle the top of the scrotum, right up next to his body, with your thumb and forefinger, or pinch both sides of the scrotum together between the testicles, and pull down. Don't jerk. Pull easily and gently, in rhythm with the strokes you are giving his penis. You should know that pulling his testicles down firmly is one way to forestall ejaculation; this trick may come in handy for those times when you're not quite ready for the show to end.

    Perineum...the small area between the anus and scrotum is one of the most secret, sexy spots on a man. (you have one of these spots too, between your anus and vulva.) Even the simple pressure of your finger there will send waves of pleasure throughout his genital area. while you're massaging his penis or anus, use your finger to exert firm pressure on the perineum and move it in a circular or back and forth pattern. Your man probably doesn't even know he has this delicious little spot, similar to your G spot. He'll be grateful to you for pointing it out to him.

    So tell me which is your most favorite????

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    Wow. Is it springtime around here or WHAT!?

    This is just a little over the top I'm afraid Tracy. Gotta close it.
    sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy

    Gunter glieben glauchen globen



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