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    Well, having a few days to think leads me to this...I can't reconcile what Mike said about a new album with Dave's timeline and the band's new statement...

    Mike's use of the word "classic" describing the new album sounded to me like a confirmation about DLR...Then, the band's statement almost disavows what Mike said earlier...I guess classic doesn't mean DLR's vocals...

    Sherlock Holmes always said when you eliminate most of the possibilities, whatever remains, however unlikely, is the truth...Problem is, what can we eliminate?
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    08.16.18 @ 05:47 PM
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    To be honest, after thinking this out like yourself, I think everything is still just as up in the air as it was before Dave and Ed said anything. Frankly, with these new October rumors surfacing from Melodicrock, May to October is easily do-able for a new album. Post-production and everything. That's of course all speculation, with the events of the past few days, I do have a little more faith in hearsay and rumor mongers.
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