Okay, I thought I would touch upon a subject that nearly affects us all on here. The most recent trip I took was to see Sammy and Dave out in Chicago and I flew from Boston to Newark to Chicago. On the way back, I went from Chicago, to Detriot to Boston. I noticed a few things that disturbed me while flying. Keep in mind, I have flown to the middle east via El Al (Israel Airlines) and have a somewhat different perspective on air travel than most.

First I noticed that the majority of the folks running the x-ray machines, and checkin were minimum wage employees who seemed not to understand the complexities of the machines running. These folks looked like they were the same people who worked security pre-september 11.

Secondly, when flying from Newark, and going through the checkpoints, I saw an arab woman wearing the traditional head dress. Now while I am for equal employment, I do feel that this is a breach of security where the terrorists took off from Newark and hijacked a plane from there. I felt very and I repeat VERY uncomfortable with this woman observing the X-Ray Machine. This woman, who chances are, is not an American Citizen, working in the vicinity of aircrafts should be at least supervised at all times. She was more standing around than doing anything too.

Thirdly, while observing the searching being done, I noticed something that also troubled me. In Israel they search for the terrorists, while in America, we search for the weapons. Not enough training has been conducted for these people who are working airport security whereas in Israel, the Israeli Airforce, and other major security agencies monitor the passangers and etc. I feel that while America has spent much of our tax dollars on updating and upgrading it has failed to hit the mark.

With the terrorist attack fleeting from our collective memories I feel that it is an unfortunate given that an another attack will happen. The security is a joke, and it seems our federal government is more inclined to place blame on each other, rather than correct the problem.