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    09.23.12 @ 08:12 AM
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    What sites are you using to host your pics on the web? Photopoint folded on me last time and I have been reluctant to give anyone else any money. Anyone know of anything reliable or free?

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    05.17.09 @ 05:50 AM
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    Is it for hosting pictures to be placed on this site? If so you can use my server, it's pretty reliable.

    Originally posted by seenbad:
    I'll cut and paste another picture posting solution in to here to relieve some stickies and just keep this post circulating in this thread as we need to.

    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by ericgtr:
    For those of you who want to post your picture but don't have a way to do it read on:

    I have setup a way for you to upload your pictures and then post them here for viewing. First go to and then click Browse and upload your picture (there is a reasonable limit but scale it down if you have to).

    Second, after you successfully uploaded your image you can come here and click the Image button and type in this address

    It will accept .jpg or .gif only, I have a pretty good amount of room although I will monitor it to make sure I don't exceed a limit. If so I will let you know, happy posting [img]smile.gif[/img]



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