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    Let's face it, as long as Jerry Krauss is in the Bull's front office, they will never get a top notch free agent let alone improve soon. The team's roster is comprised of several young talents. Elton Brand (22) is a top notch all-star power forward. Ron Mercer (24), Ron Artest (22), Khalid El-Amein (21/22), Jamal Crawford (21), and Marcus Fizer (21) are all talented players. However, the team's average age is 23. Without a real veteran presence, they will have to be left to their own devices for the next few years. Basically, they are doomed to their current pattern of playing their asses off for 3 quarters, leading for a good portion (even against the Lakers and NY). Then, in the 4th, they fall apart without a veteran presence. If they were a college team, they'd be the best. But as an NBA team, they are guys wet behind the ears who are doomed to mediocrity (record-wise) for the next few years.

    The answer to this dilema; FIRE GENERAL MANAGER JERRY KRAUSS! This guy has had a reputation for being a prick to his players and coaches. Christ, the guy alienated Phil Jackson, the greatest coach of all time, Micheal Jordan, the greatest player of all time, and Scottie Pippen, one of the greatest players of all time. If it hadn't been for Krauss, the Bulls would be going for their 9th championship this year! Instead, Krauss pissed off Jackson in '98, forcing him to leave, thus providing for Pippen's departure, and inevitably, Jordan's. The guy is a fat, donut gorging, ugly, jabba the hut look-alike, worthless piece of shit! No free agent in his right mind would want to play for this loser. Last summer, Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady, Eddie Jones, and Jermaine O'Neal all proved this. If owner Jerry Reinsdorf had any sense, he'd fire Krauss and give Jordan a call in Washington and offer him the job. This is what should have been done in '99. Jordan made reference to this in an article in Chicago Tribune last week. He was angry he wasn't offered at least part ownership or a position in the front office.(At least Reinsdorf is doing an excellent job with the White Soxs. They will probably win a Worlds Series in the near future. As for the Bulls, who knows?)

    Sorry for the cynical ranting post, but to watch the Bulls night after night barely loss to top notch and mediocre teams is tough. Shit, their record is 3 and 30 as of tonight. I'm pissed off to say the least and with good reason.

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    Excellent post, Hooligan...excellent topic!

    This is the owner who dumped the whole
    White Sox team in 94'.
    He doesnt care what the fans want, as long as
    people are going thru the turnstyles.
    This is the reason I became a Cub fan, with all the talent we had, he gave it up!!!!
    Not only that, the strike shortened season
    they woulda went far in the playoffs(sox).
    The folowing year he dumps the whole team??
    C'mon wheres your head? (reinsdorf).
    The Bulls went through the BS now too...
    Thats why I wont give Reinsdorf any of my money. Terrible Owner, Bad buisnessman.


    Eat Us And Smile!!
    Lets Get the Show on the road & were pumpin Thunder!
    Roth Army Moderator



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