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    05.12.18 @ 09:00 PM
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    I just got banned from the Yankees discussion forum from moderator Dom "dickhead" Fontana. I asked him a question about restoring my original ID since his server took a hit one day. He responded back to me but was unclear and unprofessional with his remarks. So today someone had a similar problem with their ID and I posted to them that "I hope Dom treats you more professionaly than he did me" So I went to see if he responded to my post and he deleted it and banned me from posting to the board. That guy has got such a fucking attitude. Maybe I'll send David Lee Roth over to his office and have Dave do a reverse side kick to his head. Sorry about this post but he was very arrogant, rude, and very unprofessional. I am surprised that Mr. Steinbrenner actaully hired a jerk like this. I just wanted to post this so if other Yankee fans think of signing up to that board just beware of Dickhead Dom.

    Brett I just have to say that you are probably the coolest and most laid back moderator on any board that I have been involved with. Keeep up the good work.

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    AJW, I wish that all the retards who get their jollies accusing the links of censorship will read your post.

    You got screwed at the Yankee board, man.

    Hopefully Dickhead Dom will get canned just like Billy Martin.... (but not get rehired, afterwards. )

    "Dude, he looks like Rumplestiltskien. Get back under the bridge mu-fugger!!" - An enlightened assessment after having viewed a photograph of Ray Daniels, provided by seenbad

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