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    Atomic Punk Eddymon's Avatar
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    3800 foot level in the Sierra
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    all of them
    Favorite VH Song

    If its Eddie, its Van Halen
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    05.24.18 @ 10:32 AM
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    Now I don't like to bash people who post rumors since none of mine have panned out (as of yet). But people like TBS that just make up shit one after the other really bug the fuck out of me.
    Do I post rumors? YES
    Do I go out of my way to make up shit? HELL NO.
    Does what I post come from other sources? YES
    Do I put them in the right forum? I try to.

    Now for TBS, just go the fuck away. Will you ever get it?
    Heres some other names for you.
    Timothy B Shithead
    Timothy Blows Sammy
    Timothy Barbecues Shit
    Total Bull Shit (that probably is what your intentions were all along)

    But as far as I'm concerned,
    You just plain out suck and are not a REAL Van Halen fan.
    Go Fuck your Eagles records Timothy B. Schmidt.

    it don't mean a thing if it aint got no dings.

    great to be back!!!!

    I am the ruler of the science age**

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    Damage your reputation seenbad's Avatar
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    Halen 1
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    I'm the one
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    05.12.18 @ 08:41 AM
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    And it ends here.

    Eddymon! You know you cant bring that shit to the door man! C'MON!LOL.

    You posted in the right forum, its non vh related. I'll give you that But we cant have a bash thread. Never have, never will. Doesnt do any damn good. I dont think anybody really listens to the guy anyways.

    sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy

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    Imperial Fascist Overlord Down In Flames's Avatar
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    VH II
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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Eddymon:
    Timothy Barbecues Shit <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


    The **ONLY** reason I opened this back up was to give props to Eddymon for this one line.

    I don't know what started this thread, and I don't care.

    Seenbad was on point. This ain't the place to go buck nutty on someone else.

    Jesus... "Timothy Barbecues Shit!" LMAO!


    For GOOD.

    "Fuck you. I give you my ass." - Rick S' dog, as interpreted by track 5

    Official Bartender Of VHForums



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