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    1. That it doesn't take much to piss a girl off (all it takes is a small amount of insensitivity, male pride, and chauvinism).
    2. That it doesn't take much to make a girl melt either.
    3. That good looks aren't always that important - it's a sense of humor and his being really easy to talk to that count the most. (can the guys say the same? I wonder...)
    4. That there may be lots of fish in the sea, but you can't get them all at once at the same time.
    5. That guys are also incomprehensible/abstruse to girls as girls are big mysteries to guys.
    6. That when a girl is friendly with a guy or she actually talks to a guy, it doesn't mean she likes him.
    7. That when a girl is seen alone with a guy, it does NOT mean that SHE likes HIM!
    8. That girls just wanna have fun. (hey now...hey now...)
    9. That sometimes they (guys in general) are really quite insensitive.
    10. That guys and girls can be just FRIENDS and not necessarily MORE than that.
    11. That girls don't really appreciate being called "babe" or "chio bu" or "chicababes" in their presence.
    12. That it's not entirely easy for girls to "reject" guys.
    13. That it's not the guy's fault when he's rejected.
    14. That when a girl says NO; By golly, she MEANS it!
    15. That it's not a girl's fault if she's not automatically perfect--meaning, so what if she's horizontally challenged!
    16. That it's a fact of life for guys to mature at least three years behind girls. (hey, girls DO mature faster than guys do!)
    17. That most of the time (actually, ALL the time), girls really appreciate it when guys act like gentlemen - the opening-of-car-doors and the ladies-first thing.
    18. That certain girls are acutely aware when guys are teasing each other about certain girls (especially when those "certain girls" are right there).
    19. That the smell of sweat mixed with Tommy or Polo Sport isn't exactly considered "sexy".
    20. That it's really impolite to stare at girls no matter how sexy or skinny they are (hey, you don't see girls openly staring at guys! There is such a word as SUBTLETY!)
    21. That it doesn't take two minutes for a girl to look beautiful - it takes a much longer period of time (admit it, it's worth the wait!)
    22. That when girls act really bitchy, it's just one of them days... (girls,you know what I mean! it's gotta be that specific time the month!)
    23. That even if girls don't say anything when they're with guys, it doesn't mean that they don't know anything (or don't LISTEN).
    24. That if you can make a girl laugh, you are "in". Girls would rather spend their time laughing and talking to an ugly guy rather than bear with a non-interesting, pea-brained, humorless.
    25. That when guys talk, girls listen, and when the girls talk, they expect the same amount of interest and attention.
    26. That there are just some cases when guys are perceived as friends only and unwelcomed lovers.
    27. That if guys can turn off their emotions like faucets, girls CAN'T.
    28. That when guys say they'll call, they'd better.
    29. That tardiness doesn't exactly make a good impression on girls.
    30. That it's impossible for girls to go to the ladies' room alone-they have to go in little groups (now, don't ask why... they just HAVE to).
    31. That smoking is tolerable, but continuous smoke being blown in your face isn't!
    32. That when guys act like gays (as in joke around), girls get chills down their spines even if it is all fake (pity jack neo!)
    33. That they dig their own graves when they make insensitive remarks to girls.
    34. That even when guys act like complete assholes, girls almost always end up forgiving them (it's what you call "compassion"). But, forgiveness isn't that easy you know. You gotta go through that "down on bended knees" thing.
    35. That maybe it's about time that guys wrote a list about the things guys wish gals knew...

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    What's the matter whichyou, mama?

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    This is pretty much the exact same as the "guy habits women hate" started by evh fanatic down by the bottom of the page. Gonna close this one.

    You guys are making me feel like a bad guy here!! I hate closing threads!! Look around a little, see if a topic has been gone over recently, think about if its appropriate and if people would want to talk about it, then post it.

    This is way too much work today [img]graemlins/bounce.gif[/img] . [img]graemlins/yell.gif[/img]
    sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy

    Gunter glieben glauchen globen



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