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    Atomic Punk
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    dirtland, usa
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    the classic 6 pack
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    hmmm...everybody wants some
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    05.24.18 @ 08:24 PM
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    this stuff is just way too sad...17 dead

    "you can't change JMJ, it's legendary"- Brett Norton 9/24/07

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    Good Enough
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    08.17.07 @ 04:09 PM
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    I realize that this is news and all that, but I wish the media wouldn't give it so much play. I wish they wouldn't name the kid(s) who do this, nor give them any additional attention.

    I swear that there are distrubed people who watch the news, and they study and copy...

    Thanks JMJ for sharing the story. It's heart breaking to read about though [img]graemlins/cry.gif[/img]
    "May you die at age 128, in bed, shot to death by a jealous lover" DLR 2002

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    Elz, Germany
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    Van Halen, Fair Warning, Diver Down, 1984, OU812
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    Atomic Punk, Mean Street, Jump, Feels So Good, The Seventh Seal
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Yeah... it was terrible. [img]graemlins/cry.gif[/img]

    And you know why the fucker did all that shit?!?!

    Simply because the school didn't allow him to participate in the final high school exams because his marks were too bad, overall. [img]graemlins/irked.gif[/img]

    But... 18 death victims..... [img]graemlins/scared.gif[/img]

    I really wish the shithead had just shot himself.... that'd've caused 17 deaths less.
    I'm a Dirty-Faced Kid... so could some cute female do me the favor and lick me clean, please?!<br /><br />"Nobody rules these streets at night but me... the ATOMIC PUNK!" - DLR (1978)<br /><br />"This must be just like living in paradise... and I don't wanna go home" - DLR (1988)<br /><br />"So put it off until judgment day... I bear the cross on judgment day" - Sammy Hagar (1991)<br /><br />Obey the DFK!<br /><br /><b>IF YOU'RE DFK... YOU'RE DFK 4 LIFE!</b>

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    Romeo Delight
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    League City, TX (but living in the land of beer)
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    it depends
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    I\'m the One, Unchained, Right Now (yeah)
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    man....and to think I thought I was LEAVING that shit in the States.......
    "Yeah, I saw your girlfriend, and she told me to give you a message... mmph ummf ummm mfffh"<br /><br />IH8OU812 at the dlrarmy.....<br />former army mod (which means i got laid off)



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