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    05.22.18 @ 02:20 AM
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    Found this on an Aussie usenet group, I thought the guy bought up some interesting points, wether you agree with 'em or not... Just thought it might be worth sharing

    Solution to the napster issue

    As a Cyclone Tracy survivor, I saw at close hand, and at a young age,
    the huge differences in human nature.

    On the one hand, as soon as the wind had died down some Darwin residents
    went out looting, taking whatever they could get their hands on. If you
    had woken-up to a city completely flattened by 300+ kmph winds, you may
    have done the same thing. After all, there was no water, no power, and
    Darwin doesn't have mains gas.

    On the other hand, our family, and all those around us, got together and
    helped each other out. It was right at the start of the wet season, so
    roofing iron had to be nailed back on. Kids were running around with
    nothing to do, so lawns had to be cleared of nails, glass, roofing iron,
    timber, bricks, tree limbs, tree trunks, etc, etc. It was sometimes
    necessary to whack an empty carton on each leg and hope the lawnmower
    would pick everything up.

    I recall eating barbecued turkey, pork, ham, and chicken on those first
    few days after the cyclone, which was supplied by anyone who had some.
    When water was restored, we had to go and have showers on the side of
    the Stuart Highway, in full view of those driving past.

    But the point of this little story is this: even the looters were
    willing to help others out. The only reason they looted was because the
    temptation was placed in their way, and they couldn't resist.

    In the same way, Napster provides a temptation, and some people can't
    help but download songs they would otherwise have to pay for. Some of
    those who do this are of course musicians themselves. Society is a
    dynamic collection of individuals, and the biggest mistake anyone can
    ever make is to over-generalise about who does what.

    So what is the solution?

    It appears obvious to me that those who advocate the outlawing of
    Napster (and like software) are pro elitism. They believe that the
    technologies which are the result of the endeavours of *all* humans, are
    somehow not allowed to be used by *all* of us.

    The point these people miss is that we shouldn't be fighting over who
    should and should not be able to use certain technologies. Instead, we
    should all be sharing it, and the available employment. The human race
    has reached a point in time where it is possible for everyone to have
    gainful employment, as well as access to time saving technologies.

    If all we do is fight about who can have what, we will have missed the
    point of having all this technology to begin with. Remember the dream:
    technology was supposed to enable people to work less, and enjoy more
    leisure time, more time with young children, more time with loved ones.

    The facts are that many people are working longer hours than they may
    have only 10 or 20 years ago, whilst others have very little work to do
    at all.

    There is absolutely no reason why performance artists can't have enough
    gainful employment to sustain themselves, and still have enough time to
    concentrate on producing and performing. The better artists might not
    need other employment (as is the case now).

    The aim of society should be to share (like we did after the cyclone in
    Darwin) in such a way that the temptation to steal is removed. It is
    temptation which causes humans to behave against the interests of the
    whole. By removing temptation, and sharing our employment with others,
    technology would become more of a tool for good, instead of what it has
    become lately: a tool for elitism.

    The Napster issue has reared its head because society is in the
    doldrums, with no beliefs, and no vision for what we should do with all
    this technology (apart from the selfish beliefs of the elite). Anarchy
    rules on the Net because our current crop of world leaders go out of
    their way to stifle proper debate in "real life".

    If everyone took a step back and a deep breath, and promised to commit
    themselves to the betterment of society, instead of their own
    self-interest, then issues like Napster could be resolved quickly.

    But if we refuse to accept the lesson Napster has taught us, the chasm
    between haves and have nots will only increase, and we will fall into a
    new Dark Ages. Is that what we really want?


    A little zen... Headed your way...

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Thanks Goo, that was a very interesting read.

    Eat Us And Smile!!!

    "I may not be the best lookin' baby,
    But I'm the right tool for the job." - DLR 1998



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