I loved this piece Mr. Campion wrote last week.


Aquarian Weekly
James Campion

Itís been another banner year for God and all of his servants in the cause
of ugliness.
If it isnít Islamic extremists ramming airplanes into buildings or seventy
thousand choruses of "God Bless America" as fighter planes pile up the death and
destruction in Afghanistan, then itís the molesting of children and cover ups by
the Catholic Church or the daily maiming and pillaging between Jews and
Palestinians in Israel. The Hindus and the Muslims are ten minutes from
annihilation in the Indian/Pakistani border war, and right now somewhere there
is ethnic cleansing going on somewhere in the holy name of extinction.
The week we go to press with this one, it will be Passover and Holy Week
for the Jews and Christians, and everyone will recall the Lordís murder of
innocent Egyptian children and the assassination of a Nazarene first century
mystic. But no one seems to really know what any of this will do for the plight
of humanity, except create more boundaries and kingdoms and ways for us to be
different and feel better than each other.
Itís funny. Every time Iíd read some screaming headline last week about
these revelations of child molestation by priests, I could not help but think of
the night Sinead OíConnor tried to make a stand on Saturday Night Live against
the Vaticanís cover-up of rampart child abuses in Ireland. And how anyone with
verbal motor skills wanted her lynched and burned at the stake for it.
Before the singer tore a photograph of the Pope in half, she recited an a
cappella version of a Bob Marley song infused with lyric about the churchís
silence to the continued mistreatment of races and children, ending with the
infamous statement, "Fight the real enemy."
A victim of child abuse herself, OíConnor decided to use her art and
freedom of expression to reveal the terrible secrets no one could admit, and it
effectively ended her career for almost a decade.
That was ten years ago now. At the time I defended it as not only an act of
compassion, but also a reasoned protest against the repeated violence in Ireland
between Protestants and Catholics, ostensibly a religious war which had raped
that country and taken countless lives for decades.
Little did I know. Little did anyone know.
One thing I did know, and have known for most of my adult life, is that
anytime more than two people are gathered in the name of God there had better
not be any sharp objects available.
We are so evolved, us humans, you know. We conquer and invent and
politicize and socialize and cram and jam and pursue that money. And we hang
onto our stuff, donít we? And sometimes we put labels on that stuff, like
country or color or gender or God. Yeah, God.
Because you know thatís itís Godís will that our stuff is safe from the
other stuff. And all the silly talk of what God wants and needs and what God
told the other strange people, thatís just evil or wrong. We know what God
wants. Can you believe that some of these other people donít even have a God?
Theyíre blinded by intellect and science and skepticism, and they blot out
truths with power and greed and drugs.
Of course, that really doesnít matter much, because weíre all screwed.
Nothing we can do about that. We grew up in this twisted arena of misjudgment
and fantasy wherein our stuff and our God were somehow more on the nut, and by
subjugating our will and reason to reverence and superstition we reserve the
right to belittle and castigate and kill and shove people out of their homes and
countries and bury their traditions.
Manifest Destiny is the Inquisition is the Holocaust is the Potato Famine
is Slavery is Tibet is fill-in-the-blank.
As a recovering Catholic, I think it is imperative to point out, especially
this week, that all this self-serving, egotistical bullshit that is done and
said and rationalized in the name of Jesus has to stop.
Will it stop? Of course not. Let me repeat, weíre already screwed, but itís
time our children get a quick lesson, or perhaps it will be your kid thatís too
afraid of God and his handmaidens to ask why the soft-spoken man with the white
collar keeps touching them down there.
And donít expect these cretins who run this line of propaganda up the
flagpole to blow any whistles. They have to keep the gravy train stocked with
coal for the engines to chug along unimpeded with no one asking any questions or
too bloated with fear to dare point any fingers.
Yeah, they know all about it, these big business religious hypocrites. They
have a blueprint somewhere in the war torn corners of Israel, where the martyrs
who tried to stop this mess are buried. They know all about what happens when
you try and halt the cycle of hate and ignorance, for every Sunday there is the
lifeless image of a man hanging from a cross above their heads to remind them.
And so we march on...

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