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    I have a 97 POLARIS Express . 400cc .
    Put some fat wolycopy tires on the back , tears shit up POLARIS are cool cause they are AMERICAN made . Have big footboards and they are automatics as well . Also have reverse . I like to ride in the trails behind my house .

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I used to like to ride my father's four wheeler when I was a teenager, and I was living in my parents home. (Who still live in Gaspesia, a remote corner of the Quebec province).

    Yeah, four wheeler are fun to ride, especially in the country side & forests. Very relaxing. If I remember correctly it was a 1985 Suzuki quadrunner.

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    01.11.12 @ 05:57 PM
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    drove a 4 wheeler once and it was great. Wish I owned one. I do however own a jet ski. kinda like a 4 wheeler where it doesn't matter if ya flip it over.



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