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    05.21.18 @ 06:16 PM
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    just wondering if anyone on here has gone through this surgery on the knee? I have decided to have it and was wondering how it turned out for others?

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    06.23.17 @ 08:49 PM
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    i had it done in june. complete acl reconstruction.i had the front tendon cut and grafted to the acl spot,the cartlidge shaved up,and two stainless steel screws inserted into my tibia. im in way less pain then i was and my knee s alot stronger im almost able to run full speed again .but the healing process is long and sometimes it gets sore, mind you i did a tremendous amount of damage to my knee by playing sports after i first ruptured the acl. right before the surgery my knee was so unstable and hurting all the time i was ready to cut it off. the first 2 days after the surgery are a bitch from the pain. then it subsides pretty quikly. you ll be walking slowly in a week and rehabing in a month. i did have to have it drained once and my knees still swollen some but everyones differnt my knee was really tore up so im sure its never going to be 100 percent like it was but with maintenence and rehab and time its getting pretty good. pm or email me if you wanna go into depth more.


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